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Injury Prevention for Runners

  • Always land with knees bent to avoid too much load on the knee.
  • Landing underneath hips will help keep the knee bent and prevent overstride. Aim to land on the outer aspect of foot between front of heel and midfoot.
  • Good posture and alignment. Running tall without slouching and eyes looking ahead. lean should come from the ankles.
  • Good strength and Core stability is crucial in maintaining posture and alignment in runners. Ensure you incorporate a strengthening program targeting gluteals, quadriceps, trasversus abdominis and pelvic floor muscles. Pilates can be a great way to strengthen.
  • Check footwear. Too much inward rolling or outward rolling of the feet can affect how we absorb our body weight and can affect structures such as calves, Achilles tendon, hip, knee and spine alignment. Ensure you have a good pair or running shoes before training.
  • Start small and increase slowly. Adaptation takes time so make sure to increase running and training times by small increments of 5%-10% increase in either distance or time each week.
Great New Bounce Physio LocationVictoria Point

We're excited to announce the opening of our FIFTH location on Monday, 20/1/20 at Victoria Point:

Victoria Point Medical and Dental Centre
349 - 369 Colburn Avenue.

For further information and appointments, please call 07 3822 9368 or CLICK HERE!

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