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We at Bounce Physio are committed to assisting you reach your health goals. Our highly successful treatment strategies will help you achieve the best possible outcome so that you can get back to living your life! We will help you feel better, move better and age better.

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Manual Therapy

Manual therapy consists of a variety of hands-on intervention techniques ranging from soft tissue mobilisation, joint mobilisations to joint manipulations. Manual therapy is a highly effective treatment method that can provide pain relief, improve range of movement and function.

When arriving to see a physiotherapist, you may have concerns as to what will happen over the course of your session. You may also wonder why and what the therapist is doing. In general, physiotherapists will utilise the following treatment techniques and tailor these to meet your needs.

NDIS Physio & Hydro

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an Australian Government initiative to help people living with a disability access the healthcare and services required. It is designed for people living with a significant and permanent disability. To determine if you’re eligible for funding we would recommend visiting their website (www.NDIS.gov.au) and viewing the access requirements. Eligible people can receive funding from the NDIS to pay for the physiotherapy treatment they require.